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Available: 1,818* acres in Arizona, between Mesquite and St. George - with Interstate 15 running right through it and dedicated water rights that do not rely on the Colorado River System

Land is the primary feature of all Development which has been harder to find in large tracts; preventing master-planned communities.

* The sign on the highway at the property says 1,841 acres, however 23 acres was recently sold to Travel Centers of America who expect to have their gas station, travel center and restaurants open in 2023 on the north side of I-15 at the corner of Rincon Rd & Virgin Acres Blvd. To see the location of the TA site, please go to the Maps page.

Since the Las Vegas Valley growth has been restricted by BLM land and Mountains, value has increased beyond the ability of many projects to be profitable. Our site provides affordability and vision.

Access and Acreage is key to all projects. The Beaver Dam Ranch Planned Community allows a Developer the luxury to create their master-plan with the I-15 Freeway cutting directly thru the project. The site, nearly 2,000 acres, is available at a price not seen for decades in Las Vegas. The entire project could be built with supporting services along the freeway to create a destination, not just another housing tract.

The location is between Mesquite and St. George, which have Hospitals, Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, Restaurants and more. Mesquite is a short 10 minute drive, while St. George is 30 minutes away, factors that add to the project appeal for future buyers.

Nearly 2,000 acres of pristine development land situated on either side of the US Interstate 15 in Beaver Dam, Arizona. This area is commonly referred to as the "Arizona Strip" which is located in the extreme northwest corner of Arizona. The site is about 8 miles north of Mesquite, Nevada and 30 miles south of St. George, Utah, and 85 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Click here to contact Jeff "Vegas" Howard for pricing (very affordable) and additional information. Between the low cost of the land and the low cost of development, a builder can make a very nice profit here selling very affordable homes!

America's housing shortage is definitely no secret. But just how bad is it?

According to a 2020 analysis from, the market needs a whopping 3.8 million additional new homes to fully meet consumer demand.

Since 2012, nearly 10 million new households were formed in the U.S., yet, only 5.92 million single-family homes were built in that same period, leaving what Javier Vargas,'s director of economic research, calls "a nearly insatiable appetite from potential buyers, especially in the lower end of the market." Click here to read the full Forbes article.

Site Features

The site, consisting of 1,841 net acres, lays on terrain that gently slopes from north to south at about a 2% grade. There are no extraordinary surface geotechnical considerations. The soil is sand with mixed pebbles. Vegetation is minimal which presents no abnormal grubbing and clearing considerations. There are no property access considerations.

Interstate 15 divides the land, with approximately two miles of highway frontage on either side. US Highway 91 parallels I-15 on the south portion of the site providing paved access to the south portion of the site. Paved and gravel roads are located on the north portion of the site.

The south portion of the site - The southern border of the property, for the most part, overlooks the Virgin River from a bluff towering some 100 feet above the river. The Virgin River provides a natural green belt, which is the home of many local bird species and migratory birds. One might observe pheasant, quail, roadrunners, Canadian geese, migratory ducks, and an occasional wild boar in the green belt. The views from the bluff are extraordinary. The high mountains of the Paiute Wilderness area provide an exhilarating backdrop from the bluff. The land between the river and the mountains is Federal land administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

The north portion of the site - Federal lands ubut the entire west border of the property and most of the north border. These Federal lands lay in the Beaver Dam Slope Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Needless to say, it is highly unlikely that this land will ever be developed. The eastern border of the north portion is on a high bluff overlooking the small town of Beaver Dam. The Beaver Dam Mountains and the Paiute Wilderness mountains form a spectacular backdrop for views from this bluff. A paved and a gravel road run through the property.

Public Utilities

Power, water, telephone, and CATV are already to the property.

Water :5,300 acre feet per year are allocated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources to the property. Beaver Dam Water Company is the utility that provides water service. An oversized supply pipe runs under I-15. There is enough water dedicated to this land for 25,000 residential units plus 400 acres of commercial development. The water supply does not depend on the Colorado River. It comes from underground aquafers that are arsenic free.
Power :Dixie Escalante Rural Electric
Phone :Rio Virgin Telephone
CATV :Rio Virgin Telephone, and others - there is a fiber optic line through north portion of the property and it connects to the south portion under I-15.

Zoning, Master Plan, Building Permits

The Arizona Strip is located in Mohave County. Mohave County maintains a satellite office in Beaver Dam. The building department offices are in Kingman, AZ. The Mohave County building department is very cooperative. The cost of a single-family building permit in Mohave County is low. The permit for a 1,500 sq ft home with a 2-car garage will cost about $1,515. Click here to download the rate sheet.

The current Master Plan, which overlays the site provides about 400 acres of freeway frontage, zoned commercial; 760 acres are zoned high-density residential (12 to 25 units per acre); 360 acres are zoned medium-density residential (5 to 12 units per acre); and, 320 acres are zoned low-density residential (1 to 5 units per acre). Compared to most metropolitan areas, zoning changes are relatively easy to obtain.

Highest and Best Use

The prior owners were Real Estate Developers who carefully chose this site with the intent for it to be a future master planned residential community, principally catering to retirees and vacation or second home occupants, as well as modern families. The site is ideally suited for the continued influx from the northern states and Canada (snowbirds) desiring to winter in the south. In addition, the anticipated affordable housing within the site will be extremely attractive to workers employed in St. George, and Mesquite.

Public Services

Beaver Dam has elementary, middle, and high schools. There is a fire station within a mile of the site. There is a regional medical hospital nearby in Mesquite, Mesa View Regional Medical Center which boasts an accredited chest pain center, and in St. George, Dixie Regional Medical Center which offers Cardiovascular (open heart) Surgery. The travel times to this specialized medical care is really not that different than Las Vegas.


Grocery, hardware, lumber, and general retail stores are located in Mesquite, along with Wal-Mart. St. George has two Wal-Marts, a Costco, Dillard's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy, Pier One, TJ Maxx, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Michaels, Ross, Target, Ethan Allen, Ashley Furniture, Boulevard Furniture, and more. Amazon has several facilities with over 2,000,000 sq feet of warehouse space in the Las Vegas & St. George ares, likely offering this community same day delivery on thousands items.

Entertainment and Dining

Mesquite boasts several casinos. The Oasis Hotel & Casino, Casablanca, Virgin River, Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort and other establishments offering gaming and slots. There are many restaurants from fine dining to casual located in Mesquite along with 2 movie theater multi-plexes. St. George offers several movie theater multi-plexes and a host of restaurants including: Outback, JB's, Ruby Tuesday's, Shoney's, Denny's, and many more. Obviously, the fast-food industry has a large presence in Mesquite and St. George. There are also many ethnic restaurants, such as, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Thai.

Recreational Sports and Activities

Golf is a key promotional feature in the area. Hamilton Ranch Golf Course is located in Beaver Dam. Mesquite boasts seven golf courses. The Oasis, The Vistas, The Palms, The Casablanca, Falcon Ridge, Coyote Willows, and Wolf Creek. There are several golf courses in and around St. George. The avid golfer will not be at a loss for a challenging, or a relaxing, round of golf in this area.

Play ball!? Like to run? Like to compete? Track and Field competitors from around the country gather in St. George to test their age-group skills against one another each year in St. George at the Huntsman Senior Games.

Mesquite hosts a full range of softball tournaments for all age groups throughout the year. There are many organized sports leagues covering a full range of competitive sports in which the young and the old are invited to participate.

Like to go camping and hiking? Traveling just five miles north from the site on I-15, the highway enters the Virgin River Gorge, a very scenic drive winding through high-mountain cliffs. The highway follows the Virgin River as it courses its way through the gorge. Keep a sharp eye! The gorge is home to Desert Big Horn sheep, which are often seen grazing along the narrow strip of land alongside the highway. Further into the gorge is the Cedar Pocket campground. There are campsites next to the Virgin River that can be enjoyed year 'round. Just above St. George is the western entrance to Zion National Park & the Kolob Canyons. Here one can hike several canyon trails and, for the hardy, a hike to the 350 foot natural sandstone Kolob Arch or a trek through The Narrows awaits.

Strange experiences await the traveler to the White Rock in the Virgin Mountains outside of Mesquite. Here, if you know where to stop, things, including your car, will roll uphill!

A short drive from Mesquite is Whitney Pocket, which provides a relaxing mountain desert camping experience.

For the adventurous four-wheeler; explore the north rim of the Grand Canyon that is accessible over rough roads easily reached from St. George. Stay close to home on your four-wheeler by exploring the mountains and deserts easily reached from the site.

Owners will sell all or part of the property.