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Sales Disclaimer

The materials and information in the website have been assembled in an attempt to provide interested parties with meaningful overview of the major development aspects of the site presented by Jeff "Vegas" Howard, Commercial Real Estate Agent, as of the date the package was last updated. The package is intended to be a starting point for experienced parties to begin with their own independent investigation of the site and is not an analysis of or representation as to the physical, economic, and land use issues involved in development of the site.

All materials, information, and cost estimates, supplied, are based, in part, upon information and materials supplied by third parties. While I believe those materials are accurate, I readily acknowledge that I may not have complete, accurate and current information regarding the various issues that may impact the development of the site or any particular developer.

In addition, some of the materials and information supplied by us are in a preliminary or formative stage. Consequently, the materials and information supplied by me may undergo, or may have already undergone, significant revisions or even total elimination despite their having been furnished by us as part of this website or otherwise. I will not attempt to ensure timely updates of the materials and information supplied, and no one is entitled to rely on these materials and information.

Prospective purchasers and others interested in the site must conduct their own investigation into all issues which they determine to be relevant and material to the site including, without limitation, political, planning, zoning, and environmental, economic and marketing issues affecting the site. A part of the investigation is that persons careful and independent determination as to the reliability and completeness of the materials and information furnished by me.

Jeff "Vegas" Howard, nor his employees, brokers, brokerages or representatives makes any representation or warranty concerning the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of the materials or information supplied by them through this website or otherwise. If a prospective purchaser decides to move forward in the connection with the site, it must do so solely as a result of its own investigation coupled with the aid and advise of its own independent experts, and not in reliance on materials or information supplied to perspective purchasers or their agents, representatives or employees.