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Impact Fee Analysis

Permit/Impact Fee/Development Cost Analysis

The analysis presented here compares the anticipated cost of pre-construction costs (permits, impact fees, and etc.) that may be anticipated for a single-family residence in the communities listed below. The analysis further assumes the cost of plans, engineering, grading, and infrastructure ion a "per lot" basis. Please not the disclaimers on these analyses. The communities:

Beaver Dam, AZ

Mesquite, NV

St. George, UT

Permit/Impact Fee/Development Cost Analysis - Comparing Mesquite, NV; St. George, UT; and Mohave County, AZ (Arizona Strip)
Estimated Building Permit FeesSingle-family Detached Dwelling Unit @ 3 Units per Acre
For SFR Valued at $200,000.00 
 WaterElectricImpact FeesOther Fees 
 BuildingPlan ReviewHook-upMeterStreetsSewerParksRTCPlumbingElectricMechanicalTOTAL
 Permit&Admin Fee5/8 " x 3/4"200 Amp      
Mesquite, NV1,265.00948.503,382.002,500.00264.741,324.001,000.00650.00100.00120.0090.0011,644.24
    200 Amp    DrainageFirePolice
St. George, UT1,100.00750.002,250.002,265.00750.001,160.001,200.00-375.00300.0025.0010,175.00
Mohave County, AZ150.00NONE1,100.00750.00NONE4,500.00NONENONENONENONE500.007,000.00
Estimated Development Fees Per UnitMesquiteSt. GeorgeMohave County
Exclusive of Land Costs3 Units/Ac4 Unit/Ac12 Unit/Ac3 Units/Ac4 Unit/Ac12 Unit/Ac3 Units/Ac4 Unit/Ac12 Unit/Ac
Plans & Engineering2,000.002,000.001,250.002,000.002,000.001,250.002,000.002,000.001,250.00
Undergound - Streets - Curb - Sidewalk - etc.10,000.004,000.002,000.0010,000.004,000.002,000.0010,000.004,000.002,000.00
Tortoise FeePer Acre550.00183.33137.5045.83350.00350.00350.00---
   ASSUMPTIONS - "Per Lot" Cost - Prior to Building 
   MesquiteSt. GeorgeMohave County 
   Land @ 100,000 per ac33,500.00Land33,500.00Land33,500.00 
     65,327.57  64,025.00  54,000.00 
The information provided hereon was developed from reliable sources. However, no liability is assumed by the preparer for the accuracy or validity of the amounts shown hereon, or any omission herefrom. By the acceptance of this analysis, the user agrees to (1) release the preparer of any liability or responsibility in connection herewith; and, (2) to verify all information hereon prior to reliance hereon with respect to the development any property in the geographic areas covered by this analysis.

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